You can pick up your car directly at the airport, at your hotel or at any local accommodation unit.
-»Driving license, which must be at least 2 years old
-»Rental voucher or e-voucher from Madeira Car Booking

Additional drivers will need a driving license

You will pay any additional driver and extra equipment when collecting the car – be aware of these costs when thinking about the credit card.

Yes, you can pay your reservation in cash.
Payment methods:

We accept Visa / Mastercard credit or cash. (€ only)

We do not accept American Express or checks.

Madeira Car Booking has a flexible cancellation policy up to 12 hours before booking with a full refund.

Madeira Car Booking may only and exclusively cancel reservations for reasons of the veracity of the reservation, reservation intentions, negligent history of the customer or unavoidable fleet maintenance and logistics reasons.

Deliver the car on the same level of fuel that was delivered to you.
SCDW. Super Collision Damage Waiver.

Accidents caused by negligence, dangerous conduct or against the road code, speeding, improper parking and / or any accident not immediately reported to our delivery team or without a police report are exempt from insurance coverage.

Customer delays of 2 hours or more, reservations are considered ”no show” and will be canceled (this information includes canceled flights, diverted flights, delayed flights, missed flights, wrong or incomplete delivery addresses, wrong or incomplete telephone contacts).
Refunds are not made for early returns of vehicles, with the exception of major State reasons.
You must have minimum 21 years old.
Reservation change requests are subject to the rate update in effect at the time.